Traits customers appreciate in Singapore courier companies

There are many courier companies in Singapore, each with their own merits. However, a few courier companies definitely stand out from the rest. Good companies know what customers want and deliver it to them. Happy customers are loyal customers. Here are some of the traits that customers appreciate in Singapore courier companies:

1. Speedy deliveries
Customers who ordered courier services want their deliveries to be carried out fast and within schedule. The best scenario to expect is for the delivery to take place much earlier than expected. Who doesn’t want an early and timely delivery, right? Sad to say, some courier companies aren’t making the cut for this and it is not good at all. The courier companies that are fulfilling their promises to ensure speedy deliveries are the ones who pleases the customers the most. Examples of courier companies in Singapore that are doing this right are PCA Masters, Fedex, DHL and Navast Pte Ltd.

My personal favorite is Fedex for international deliveries from Singapore to any other country, and my personal favorite is PCA Masters for local courier services islandwide Singapore.

Find their details here

  • For international courier deliveries: <FedEx World Service Center – 31 Kaki Bukit Road 3, #03-14/25 Techlink>
  • For Singapore courier services: <PCA Masters – #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969 | Phone: 6681 5781>

2. Accountable
Customers want the courier companies to be accountable for their deliveries. This means keeping them in the loop of the deliveries. Customer do not like feeling lost about the delivery status and panic. Moreover, if something happen to their goods, customer want the courier companies to come clean and explain the situation to them. The accountable companies are the one customers liked best. I mean, everyone prefers honest people, right?

3. Safety policies
Customers like the courier companies to put in place safety policies to protect their goods. For instance, putting some mat on the cabin floor of the van to act as cushion. This is to prevent the fragile items from breaking in the event they topple during the transition. Another measure that will be helpful is to tie the items down in the van so they will not topple in the first place. Customers feel more assured if they see the courier companies take measures to protect their goods.

What Type Of Courier Should You Work With?

There are several types of couriers in Singapore, namely local ones such as Regent, international ones such as Fedex and state ones such as Speedpost. With these 3 main types of courier companies you can work with, you need to figure out which Singapore local courier service is most suitable for your needs.

  1. Let us first talk about the local courier companies such as PCA Masters, Ixpress647 e.t.c. These are basically local and private companies which operate islandwide and usually have a mixture of contractors as well as full time employees in the company and deal with both regular as well as ad hoc courier services. The services provided by such private companies usually involve pick up from your specified location and delivery to the intended recipient himself or herself only. It is basically a concierge level service where you wouldn’t need to leave your location at all.
  2. When it comes to the international companies like Fedex, they actually deal mostly with international deliveries. If you need a delivery to a recipient in another country, you’re best off working directly with such an international freight company like Fedex or DHL. This is because even if you were to work with a local forwarder in Singapore, they will still pass the items to Fedex or DHL in the end, resulting in only more hassles, change of hands for your item and potentially cost.
  3. Speedpost is a cost efficient delivery, but like as I mentioned, it’s more of a very basic drop off at their location and they will deliver within a few days. It is one of the slowest form of deliveries. Think about it, if I can deliver an item within a few days, why should I deliver it through Speedpost? I’ll just deliver it myself! However, if I need something delivered urgently on the same day to another location in Singapore, then I would need it to be performed speedily – both of which Speedpost is incapable of. Therefore, I don’t use Speedpost anymore.