Exceptional service from a Singapore courier company

I just started using Navast courier service and I was totally mind-blown! They delivered exceptional service to me which I did not expect at all! Their service quality is really top-notch and puts all the other courier companies in Singapore to shame.

I mentioned some traits customers appreciate in Singapore courier companies in my earlier post. These points are what customers like me would normally expect and demand from courier companies in Singapore. Some courier companies do not even meet these requirements. Hence, I was really pleasantly surprised when I used Navast courier service.

Let me tell my story right from the beginning. I saw Navast website on the internet and decided to check it out. Upon seeing that Navast courier service would most probably fit my delivery requirement, I decided to call up Navast to check with their customer service staff on this. Their customer service staff picks up the call quickly and spoke in a very polite manner. This is a very happy start to our engagement. Subsequently, as I start to give a lot more details about my requirements, the customer service staff offers to send a representative down to meet me at a location to my convenience just to make sure all the details are communicated and captured well. I always prefer a face to face meeting with people and this move surprises me. I have never heard of any other courier companies sending down representatives to discuss about the customer’s delivery requirements. This made me feel very special.

During the meeting, the representative, Thomas was able to explain to me a customized delivery solution which I find very suitable and reasonable. The delivery standards and pricing they promised are very competitive in the market and I took the offer straightaway.

For all my deliveries, the courier will actually give me a call prior to pick up, as well as giving me a call whenever the delivery has been conducted. This kept me updated of the delivery at all times. I feel really secured and at ease handing all my deliveries to Navast.

I would highly recommend Navast in Singapore to anyone who wishes to engage courier services. Try them and you will know if I am telling the truth.