Different Types of Courier Services In Singapore

There are various types of courier services you can order in Singapore, and they range from the type of delivery to the time frame of the delivery. Let us first talk about the different types of delivery with respect to different types of items.

Most courier companies will either separate parcel and document or separate deliveries by those which require vans versus bikes. This is because most documents can be transported and delivered by a courier who is riding a bike, but for parcels above a certain size, the only type of vehicle which can transport it effectively are vans. Additionally, something you might want to note about van deliveries is that they are generally more expensive than that of bike deliveries. This is because the leasing costs, petrol costs, CBD charges as well as road tax is much more expensive for a van. Bikes are cheap to purchase or lease and hence the savings can be further passed on to end consumers – a.k.a. you.

Next of all, most courier companies in Singapore like PCA Masters Singapore or Network Courier also provide deliveries with different urgency requirements.

The most common type of delivery which companies like PCA Masters and Network Courier provide customers is the same day delivery, which is a courier service where they will pick up the item from the customer anytime and have it delivered before 6pm on the same working day. This is usually the most basic level of courier service you can order.

The next common type of courier service, which is usually an upgrade is actually timeslot deliveries (e.g. you need the person to pick up and deliver only during certain timings). There would usually be a tiny surcharge for this.

There will also be urgent delivery services. This is usually the most premium version of courier service that you can possibly upgrade to. The pick up and delivery of the item you are requesting courier services for will be completed within 1 to 2 hours.

Logistics Companies In Singapore

Although there are lots of courier companies in Singapore, there are only really a few truly respectable and trustworthy ones. Here are some of them.

1. PCA Masters

A young but fast growing courier company in Singapore, they perform courier services for both large businesses, individual business owners as well as end consumers. You can check out their company page on LinkedIn if you’re intending to join their company as a courier or deliveryman. In any case, I have only used them once, but it blew me away. There was once when I needed an urgent delivery at night and no one was responding to my calls. At that time, PCA Masters was surprisingly still around at 8+ pm and they picked up my call and I managed to arrange my delivery with them. I think it’s when companies that serve their customers as well as PCA Masters that they’re able to generate word of mouth (yes, like through this post). Anyway, they served really well, and their delivery guy was really punctual. I would highly recommend you to use them if you need trusted courier services.

2. Poh Tiong Choon Logistics

An old logistics company in Singapore, they have been established in Singapore for quite a number of years. Dealing with general goods transportation, warehousing and freight management PTC Logistics is an old household name in the business to business industry in Singapore. Founded originally by Poh Sin Choon, it is now headed by Poh Choon Ann. You can more or less call it a family business. If you need any heavy deliveries, Poh Tiong Choon is definitely one of the companies you can consider. They’re not cheap, but they’re trustworthy so I think it’s alright.

3. Fedex

If you need international deliveries by plane out from Singapore, I would suggest you to still use international corporations’ services such as those by Fedex. When it comes to deliveries by air, there is no one better than Fedex at the moment. With both branding, service and price advantages, Fedex is definitely the king of the air transportation services industry around the world, in Asia, and definitely in Singapore too. Due to their vast network of logistics planes, it is always possible to squeeze in a last minute overseas delivery out of or into Singapore by air with Fedex. This may not be the case with other companies like TNT or DHL whose capacity still far underwhelms… especially when it comes to punctuality. I realized that Fedex, though not the cheapest service in the world, is one of the most punctual air transportation companies in the world.